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Formula for Hacking Chocolate Chip Cookies

A thousand internet posts have been launched with claims to the BEST recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and I won't attempt to unseat them. This one has the ideal combination of crispy exterior and soft, chewy interior and is my personal favorite. When I was a teen in the '90's, my mom (and all the other moms) got their hands on the $250 Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookie recipe (which as since been myth-busted), and I have a soft spot for that recipe as well.

Although I won't claim to have the best recipe, I do know the secret for improving any lackluster chocolate chip cookie recipe (including the God-awful Tollhouse recipe). It was passed on to me by my son's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Feather, who aside from having the most delightful name possible for a kindergarten teacher, also has the best cookie hacks. Double the flour, use Crisco instead of butter, and stick a piece of bread in the box to keep the leftovers (if there are any) nice and soft.

A few more:

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