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Elevator Recipe: Salmon Everything Bowl

Salmon is delicious, but you won't find me eating many of its variations. No to salmon burgers, no to any kind of salmon patty, no thank you to salmon and cream sauce with pasta. Yes to smoked salmon on a bagel with cucumbers, cream cheese and capers, yes to a big slab of lemon-pepper salmon, yes please to this Elevator Recipe for Salmon Everything Bowls. Here is the "recipe," easy enough to explain to a friend during a short elevator ride.

  • Brush some teriyaki sauce (this one is great) on a slab of salmon and cook it however you like to cook salmon. I like to broil it for 12 minutes, flipping halfway through, but I'll admit this method is a little smoky.

  • Cook some rice (mixing in a little coconut oil takes it to the next level).

  • Cook or cut some plants (steamed broccoli, thin strips of bell pepper or cucumber, cilantro, mango, maybe some dried nori, whatever you like).

  • When the salmon is done, use a fork to flake it into chunks. Put rice in a bowl, top it with the salmon, veggies, teriyaki sauce, and Everything Bagel seasoning. Definitely don't skip the Everything Bagel seasoning. It can be found everywhere now, from Trader Joe's to Walmart to Aldi.

Gobble it up and enjoy! Here are three more:

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